Albums & Photobooks

You can choose between the Luxury Album, Modern Album and Photobook all custom designed by Nicholas.

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Luxury Album

The pinacle of quality and craftsmanship.  The Luxury Album is designed to last many lifetimes with it's archival quality photo paper and hand-made binding.  It has extra thick and durable pages, a lay-flat design to view spreads in full, anti-finger mark treatment and premium cover materials.  There is no album more beautiful and will instantly be your most precious family heirloom.


Modern Album

Great for many special occasions, the Classic Album offers professional print quality and a sturdy build.  With it's semi lay-flat design, you can enjoy full spread images without a big fold.  Images come out crisp and vivid with Pro Luxia paper and you have the choice of different cover materials as well.  



A great option for engagement sessions or any occasion that deserves to be in a nice little book.  The major benefit to the Modern Photobook is its weight and size.  Being small and compact, it's fun to pick up and look at with friends or family.  Its affordable price makes it a great parent book, an exact copy of your wedding album, for them to keep as a gift.


Side by side

Here you can see the difference in page and cover thickness.  They all have the same amount of pages.